Sunday, 11 March 2012

Paul Mitchell Smoothing Balm Review

I recieved the Paul Mitchell smoothing super skinny relaxing balm (Mouthful and a half!) in my February Glossybox. I took one look at the pump bottle and was instantly annoyed I had recieved a product for curly hair when I had stated I had straight hair in my beauty profile.

 I jumped to conclusions that it wasn't for me without even giving it a try. So I tried it on my slightly frizzy hair and felt instantly stupid for judging before trying. I love it and it pains me to say that this 25ml sample is running out far too quickly. I just have to purchase the full size which is 200ml. fortunately, it's just within the price range that I am willing to spend on hair care. I found it online here for £12.45 free delivery.
To achieve this hair I ran the balm through my towel dried hair, concentrating on the parts that seem the most frizzy normally. I then blow dried it as normal- upside down with no particular professionalism, meaning I use no brush and just blast it all over. I then turned my head the right way, brushed the ends quickly and this is what I got. My hair is usually a little wavy at the ends but I was amazed to see it almost poker straight with allot less frizz around the top and front. Amazed and in love was I with my new sleeker hair.
A rather boring picture of a tiny (I didn't really want to waste a drop of this baby) swatch of the balm to show consistency. I thought it would be sticky and leave my hair feeling weighty but it didn't. It has a smooth silky feeling when rubbing hands together.
So...The grand moral of the story is: don't judge a book (or balm) by it's cover (or label.)


  1. I bought this last month and love it! If you want the full size check out as their prices are lower than other places. Heres the link to the skinny balm i got - :) x

    1. Thanks for the link! good price x


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