Friday, 2 March 2012

NOTD- Nails inc. Drury Lane, with added Sparkle

My nails of the day are with a polish I got in the post from one of my lovely fellow swapping kittens over at Beauty Box Swaps. The lovely coral shade that is Nails inc Drury Lane, with the ring finger hosting a little glitter party that is Excuse Moi! by OPI Muppets collection. 

 We are in March now so Spring has arrived. This for me means good bye to plum, scarlet and navy polish, so long, no longer wanted, get lost...Until next Autumn that is. A huge open handed welcome to lilacs, corals and just plain in your face, 'look at me' pinks. YES!
Any who, I'm still working on my polish collection and I am yet to gain glitter polishes. Excuse Moi! doesn't really 'go' with Drury lane but I am a massive lover of having a focus nail that is different from the rest. Drury lane is a bright gorgeous coral that hasn't photographed as well as one would hope. It applies Beautifully and I think in rush situations I could get away with one coat. The picture above shows two coats.

All in all it's a cute polish that gives off that happy Spring/Summer vibe. Not so happy though that I raided the fridge too soon, with too little drying time and smudged my middle finger... Gaghhhhh! Don't you just HATE that?!
Visit Nails inc here


  1. Hi hun, congratulations, I've just awarded you with a Beauty-ful Blog award! xx

    1. Thanks Hayley, I'll go check it out :) x


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