Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Elemis Fresh Skin Exfoliator Review

I got this Elemis fresh Skin, Skin Glow Exfoliating face wash (what a mouthful!) when I went to the Britains Next Top Model show in London at the end of October so I think I have given it a fair try to be able to write a review. So here goes

The Elemis Fresh Skin range is aimed at "teen to 20's" skin so being 23 I can use this and feel that it will benefit my skin. It claims to brighten and lift dullness but I was also pleased to see that it helps prevent premeture ageing. 
I learnt at beauty school that prevention is better than cure so I started to use anti-ageing skin care from about 21 but find that it isn't tuned right for my skin as it's aimed at older ladies. The Elemis Fresh skin range really impresses me because it bares this in mind, making their products suitable for problem young skin but also tackling anti-ageing!
It smells amazing! The scrub contains Mandarin peel oil and orange is one of my favourite scents, especially for skin care as it is so refreshing! The scrubbing beads are made from bitter cherry shell powder and jojoba beads. The scrubbing particles aren't to densely packed in this product so it only gives a gentle exfoliation and polish instead of some of the more abrasive scrubs out there on the market which in turn makes this suitable for every day use.
I find it does indeed leave my skin feeling brighter and revitalised making it perfect for the upcoming warmer spring and summer months.
This skin glow face wash is really quick and easy to use, I just wet my face, massage it in for a minute or two and rinse off. Done! I also tried the Fresh Skin Make-up Away cleansing wipes and loved them although I'm not one to spend allot on wipes so would probably stick to buying the face wash.
It retails for around £12 making it quite affordable, you can get it here with free delivery 
If you want to read more about the Elemis Fresh Skin range you can read up here
Have you tried the Elemis Fresh Skin range?

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