Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Hunger Games Effie Trinket Nail Tutorial

The Hunger Games are a series of books written by Suzanne Collins. And now, as I am sure you have heard, is turning out to be one the biggest films of the year! Here is my nail art as worn by Effie Trinket in the movie.
You will need-
  1. Fuchsia nail polish. I have used Nails inc. New York.
  2. Gold nail polish. I used Barry M Effects in Gold
  3. A top coat.
  4. A sponge.
Firstly paint you're entire nails with the pink, and allow to dry.
Then dab some of the gold polish onto the sponge. Not too much otherwise the gradient effect won't be very clear.
Dab onto the nail using less pressure the further towards the cuticle you get. Go about two thirds of the way up the nail.
As you can see, it needs cleaning up around the edges as the sponge can get a little messy. Then you need to go back over all the nails with more gold on the sponge and fill in the free edge of the nail if any pink polish can be slightly seen, as the gold should be completely opaque at the edge.
Then add you're top coat lighlty so as not to smudge the gold.
And there you have it. Hunger Games Effie Trinket nails in around 10 minutes flat.

Will you be trying this look?


  1. I tried this look earlier and when perfected (took me 3 attempts) it looks really good.
    Another look I like is to wrap strips of mesh or lace fabric tightly around freshly painted, but dry nails. Then you dip a sponge into a different nail polish and dab lightly over the lace. Give it 10 seconds or so before slowly removing it.
    The nail art pens you can get from Models Own are fab too for creating artsy look.

    1. yeah, i think a few more tries and i'll have it looking great, never used a sponge on my nail design before! ooooo i will have to try the lace idea, sounds like it would look gorgeous!
      i have some nail art pens, i can only ever do my left hand really well, then my right hand looks all wobbly! haha x


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