Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ojon Hair Care

Ojon is a brand I saw in a CCO and spat my coffee out at the price. At around £20 per bottle of shampoo, plus another £20 for the conditioner I just CAN'T spend that much! The high price did however get me wondering just how good can it REALLY be? 

When Glossybox ambasadors showed that full size Ojon oil-25ml for £16 would be in some of the boxes, I felt desperate to receive it. I didn't get it in my box but it didn't matter, I turned to my swapping kittens on Beauty Box Swaps and was the proud owner of the oil within a matter of days.
At around the same time, the Ojon Facebook page offered up an amazing deal! Buy anything from our website and receive a full size 250ml damage reverse shampoo and conditioner, plus 2 sachet samples plus free delivery...I know right? Amazing! I bought the small volumising conditioner that is pictured above for £6 and got £40 worth of goodies for free! 
Here is the oil. Thinner than the Mythic oil I usually use. It smells very herbal and natural and has a pipette for application. My hair isn't in bad condition as I rarely use any heat on it except a hair dryer and use oil on it every other day after washing. So it's hard to tell how much difference this is making to my hair. I needed about 8 drops to rub between my palms and apply to the ends of my hair.
To be honest I prefer Mythic oil for
  • Price
  • Size
  • Pump action Bottle for ease
  • Smell
  • Texture
That being said I will use this and I am excited to test it out for a longer period of time. Would I repurchase this 25ml bottle for £16? Probably not. Do I like it? Yes but other oil brands work better for me.
Here is the damage reverse shampoo and conditioner, again they smell very natural and herbal, a bit strange smelling if I'm honest. I washed my hair and the shampoo didn't foam allot but I've heard that's a sign they are better for your hair. The conditioner was creamy and coated my hair, washing out to leave my wet hair feeling slippery and silky. When I dried my hair, The 'weird' smell had dissapeared. I towel dried my hair, added the Ojon oil and blow dried upside down. 
My hair was left unbelievably silky, smooth and so soft to the touch that I made my boyfriend run his fingers through it. (His mediocre "Yeah it's soft" was less enthusiastic than I had hoped but I knew it was softer than normal and questioned why I thought he would be interested in the first place)

Over all I am very impressed. More so with the shampoo and conditioner than the oil. I want to repurchase them...but I just can't do it! £40! I have a 'normal' job at minimum wage so to buy these would be like an entire days work! I guess I will just have to make the most of these and miss them madly when they are gone...

Have you tried Ojon? Do you love it? and repurchase it?
see the full Ojon range here.


  1. I love the shampoo and conditioner, I have a CCO near to work so I'm going to pop in and see what kind of discounts they offer!

    1. it's great, just expensive! when i went in the CCO they were priced at about £14 each which is better so go look if you were thinking of buying x


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