Saturday, 3 March 2012

Soap and Glory Winnings!!

Exciting times for one of those "I never win anything" type people that I am. I actualy won last weeks '2 minute rinse' on the Soap and Glory Facebook page. Overly excited for the goodies to arrive and arrive they did today!...

So I got iFoam body wash which smells DIVINE! Like fresh oranges which just happens to be one of my favourite scents. It also moisturises as it washes, perfect lazy girl product!
I also recieved Endless Glove dry hand cream. If you like Hand Food, you will adore this! It is so super moisturising with none of that greasy residue that some hand creams leave. You can also use this cream as a hand mask when used with cotton gloves. It smells fruity, floral and obviously gorgeous! It is Soap and Glory after all!
I almost threw the last (and best) gift away as it was buried deep under all the pink fuzz! but here it is
I do it in 2 minutes t-shirt
Then there was a pink egg timer, very cute and perfect for 2 minute rinsing! Also included where allot of number 2 temorary tattoo's, nice touch S&G!
Here is my entry for anyone who cares to read:
 If you want to enter the 2 minute rinse, or just read about what it is, check here
The Soap and Glory website, with tonnes of news on products and a blog can be found here
Have you entered?


  1. Hay sweetie

    I just wanted to let you know that I think your blog is great and I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award. check out my page to see the link.

    take care xx

    1. Thank you so much, I'll go check your blog out :) x

  2. wow amazing quick shower you did! congratulation!
    I dont think I can do the same but I will try!
    well done! you look very cute with that t-shirt!
    love S&G products!

    1. I'll do anything quickly if it means freeee stuff! Haha, give it a go! You might win!
      Thanks :) x

  3. Ah I love soap and glory products, congrats on winning!! :D

    Please check out my blog, any feedback would be greatly appreciated My blog

    1. Thank you becky! I know S&G are great, so far iv loved everything iv tried except one product!
      I will go check out your blog, thankyou for the link x

  4. You lucky thing, I love S&G!

    Tee looks cute! xx

    1. Give it a go Hun, you might win! Thanks :) x


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