Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Foundation

From bare face to fully made up here is my first try of the newest Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid foundation.
I don't usually wear foundation any more, I wear a one step powder usually. If I'm going to wear foundation, I am going to need it to be light to barely medium coverage, no 'cakeyness' and feel like I don't actually have any on. Thats why this foundation caught my eye. The word 'Invisible' and the fact it's described as "see no makeup, feel no makeup" made me really want to try it.
So starting bare faced to give a comparison to when I have applied it...
Here it is swatched on the back of my hand.
It comes out quite thin which I like as it smooths out easily without too much blending needed and a little goes a long way.
Here is my face with just the foundation and no other makeup
After the ease of applying, I really liked the even result which was so lightweight and fresh feeling. Much like the easily wearable lipsticks that are described as "My lips but better" I would say that this is the foundation version- My skin but better.
Fully made up with mascara, blush and lip tint.
I really like this foundation, Have you tried it?


  1. You know... it's reviews like this that make me hate that I've banned myself from buying new make-up haha. Gorgeous post you beautiful lady xx

    1. Why on earth would you impose such a ban you mental? ;) thanks Claire xx

  2. Bare faced your skin looks fantastic anyhow! Did you use it all over your or just on some areas? And which shade? I have a sample here to get around to trying.

    Rhonda x

    1. awww thankyou! i used it all over my face, but im not very good at applying it evenly. x


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