Saturday, 24 March 2012

NOTD Jessica- Build Me A Pyramid, Damage Control!

My nail of the day lasted just that...a day. It's not that the varnish is bad quality as I get terrible tip wear whether I'm wearing OPI or Barry M. I normally have 2 days off work in a row, so paint my nails on the first day and like it to last to the end of the second day...Not too much to ask for surely!
Any way here is my NOTD with around 5 hours wear
Jessica - Build me a pyramid
It's a muted milky pink, with a touch of lilac and grey in some lights. The pink is a lot brighter than the camera has managed to capture.
I love this shade, it looks gorgeous in the spring and perfect on holiday with a tan!
So to make this last another day, I fill in the edges. It doesn't look perfect but it's wearable!
Do you have trouble with quick tip wear? Do you do a bad patch job like a cowboy car garrage would or do you repaint the entire nail?


  1. Lol the colour is beautiful! Where did you get it from? You should apply a clear coat for just incasies (I saw this on one of Gok's fashion thingy ma jigs) and they said u should do it at least once a day! Hope this helps xxx

    1. Thank you! I got it for my birthday about 3 years ago from a friend that works in a beauty salon. at least once a day? I will give it a go next time, I majorly heavy on my finger tips though! xx


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