Saturday, 3 March 2012

L'oreal professionnel INOA Winnings

I recently entered my hair colour into the INOA colour connect on the L'oreal Professionnel Facebook page. When you do this, you stand the chance of winning an INOA colour care bundle. My name was announced with 3 or 4 others and I recieved an email telling me I had won! Happy days! I was clueless about what I had actually won until it came to my door with my lovely postman.

I won a full size INOA color care shampoo and conditioner. Unusually though, the conditioner is 100ml less than the shampoo, weird!
I think this may only be available in salons as I'm having trouble finding it online to buy. The only place I found it was in the USA for around $30 so it's great to recieve it free!
I used this today and the smell is a little odd, It has that slight hair colourant smell. It seems silly to admit now that I dont actually have coloured hair...and that I didn't really know what products I was trying to win. I can't really say it did amazing things for my hair, it maybe added a little exra moisture but then it's not really for my hair type.
L'oreal announce 5 ladies names every day who have won one of these hair care kits, and one winner every day who has won a voucher express voucher so it's well worth the minute it takes to input your hair colour. go do it now here for your chance to win!

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