Sunday, 18 March 2012

Lusted After, Drooled Over Nail Polish Wish List

My list of nail polishes that I need (Yes! NEED!) in my life is ever steadily growing. Here are my top priority buys (or swaps if any of my beauty box swap kittens are reading ;) know you want me to have them!)
This Violet sexy bit of nail drama is Illamasqua's Jo'mina. Lilac is my favourite colour, and any kind of purple pleases me greatly. I need it, I want it and I must have it!
I have never spent £13.50 on a nail varnish...but this just might be worth it!
Next is Zoya Fleck in Maisie
It's interesting and mysterious, deep and thoughful. OK it might not look much in the bottle but go 'Google image' yourself a little swatch of this beast! around £10 a bottle. Only problem is, I don't know where I can get this without paying postage ontop of the £10! I'm drooling right now so let's move on...
Butter London Disco Biscuit. Look at it, all Barbie-fied with it's frisky blue shimmer. Look at it winking at me, telling me to buy it, look at it handing me my visa card....
The thing is, I'm much more likely to buy something in a shop, on impulse, without giving myself too much thinking time. You know the old online shopping thought process? "should I? I'll add it to basket. Oh but I'm not sure, I know, I'll leave the window open in the background" this is then followed by clicking that little red X and patting yourself on the back for being so restrained. I don't want to be restrained! so shop's of Britain (Hampshire mainly) listen up! stock Butter London Everywhere!
Any way, it's £12 a bottle so I'll just keep wishing for now.
Another Butter London, in the colour Knackered. I shall spare you another Butter London rant and just say "Ditto" in regards to Disco Biscuit...
Deborah Lippmann in Across the Universe.
It's like someone shaved a mermaid and bottled it up... and I'm OK with that...Very OK!
Debs the old mentalist, has priced them at £16 a bottle...Yeah...OK Debs, you torture me in this way and I'll  protest about mermaids rights! How do you like them apples!

 Models Own Beetlejuice and Glitter Collections. Only problem is it would be £40 for these and I'm not THAT mental!
The Katy Perry OPI mini collection. I had my head well below the beauty cloud when these were released, so I was completely oblivious to them, and now I can't get my boring, unperry-fied hands on them.

I know there are more , but right now I have nail polish envy so bad that I can't see straight.
So in conclusion, if you own any of these, for the love of god hand them over!
Link me to your nail polish wish lists!

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