Thursday, 22 March 2012

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer- Dewy Finish Review

I received the Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primerin a Glossybox a while ago but have only just started using it. I love the results!

Mine came in dewy finish but this product is also available with a matte finish too. It just depends on your personal preference of how you like your skin to look. I used to make my face very matte but now I like the healthy glow that a dewy finish gives, especially now that spring and summer is arriving!
Anyway, this 5ml sample comes with a pump action bottle, making it really easy to use.
It looks very dark when swatched, and actually, only comes in this one colour as far as I can tell from their website. 
Again, once rubbed lightly it still looks very orangy and dark. I'm glad I didn't let this put me off trying it as I am really quite pale and don't fake tan at all. Once I had applied it to my face and given it a good blend, the colour was perfect.
Here is how the primer looked on my face without any other makeup, as you can see, despite putting this orangy coloured liquid on my face, I do indeed still appear rather pale!
I noticed a more even complextion, with a very subtle healthy look. not overly dewy though. The dewy finish didn't make me look oily or greasy at all.
Once all my makeup was on I was pleased with the overall outcome. My cheeks looked slightly glowy but the rest of my face looked controlled oil wise. My makeup stayed put and looked fresher for longer than usual. I applied my makeup at around 9am and got in from work at around 11:30pm still looking relatively fresh. So that's not bad!

It's not exactly a bargain at £29 for 30ml from the Murad site
I may repurchase this for the summer months once my samples run out, I'm not sure yet!
Have you tried this primer from the Glossybox? Liked it?


  1. I'm loving this primer too - the sample is pretty tiny in fact I'm only using it for special occasions. :) I will definitely purchase in the future. X

    1. It's great! The code for 30% off is still valid till the 31st March, makes it around £19! GLOSSYPR is the code. I hate it when I love something so much that I have to save it for special occasions! wish I could afford to use it all the time! x


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